2008-05-10 22:38:41 by Smartkiss

I BOUGHT A NEW COMPUTER BRICK ON TUESDAY AND I GOT IT IN THE MAIL TODAY!!! I just made a remix of "Smart Mix" like I promised, and I am positive that it is great. I cant wait to see all of your comments on it, and hopefully it gets a good review. Recently I have been trying to finish school, since graduation is on the 10th of June, and I have also gotten a new job! My neighbor Christie has hired me as her babysitter, and every so often I babysit for her. On the 17th my sister and I will be fully trained (CPR wise) to become a babysitter. Oh and tomorrow (Mothers Day) I might get a brand new phone!!! Check out Japanesekanji for some new music, and also Iplaygames for some great music!!!
EDIT!!!: I AM SO SORRY!! I meant remix of "Shadow Day"!!!!


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2008-05-11 21:07:16

you seem quite hyper too me the way you wrote this.. lol. Cool that you got a new computer. Mind checking out my latest tracks?


2008-05-12 20:10:37

Hyper person!


2008-05-17 19:35:02

Shadow of the day... good song from linkin park