Sorry guys..

2008-01-12 02:22:30 by Smartkiss

I have recently unleashed my ever so productive song (Smart) Mix, and Incredible Schemes. I have noticed my newest song, Incredible Schemes, isnt doing very well in ratings. I just thought I would make an announcement, claiming that I will not be making a new song anytime soon. I have also realized I need more practice, so I will come up with demos for all to hear, until I can come up with another song longer than a minute.

In other news, I would like to thank Japanesekanji for his reviews to these songs, and guiding me along the way.Japanesekanji- is my bf. Well I believe that is all for now, till then.



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2008-01-13 03:35:46

Aw man, no more songs. Your mixes were cool. *Sigh*, ok, but keep practicing.


2008-01-13 12:25:28

As I wandered by your page I noticed that you had three songs. The "3's" aren't bad... I really haven't listened to your songs yet, but I will... I will