I guess there was a white light after all =)

2008-01-14 23:37:47 by Smartkiss

Hey guys it seems that my luck has TURNED around!! Thats exciting, because now I am going to make even MORE songs!! I think for my next songs I will try R&B and Hiphop!! I hope all the people that listen to my songs will enjoy these as much as I will! There is one person I would like to point out that has guided me through all of this, and I know that he has some great songs. If you arent familiar with him, his name is Japanesekanji, and he is also my bf. If you are new and you would like to view some of my new songs, here are the links: Incredible Schemes and (Smart) Mix. Thank you for all the votes and downloads, it truly means a lot to me.



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2008-01-25 16:50:21

I got a new computer. Lucky, right? I hope to add songs soon. Oh, and a note, you don't to add thoes links. People can get to your page/are on your page, just so you know.

Smartkiss responds:

I know :P just decided to point that out.


2008-01-31 19:54:55

You dissagree with me.... lol...