Time sure does fly by..

2008-03-01 17:53:05 by Smartkiss

Been at my school for almost 4 weeks! Wow!! My birthday is on Sunday (I CANT WAIT) and I am going to have a party with all my girl friends. Well enough about my boring life. I'm almost certain I wont get my laptop back which means no more songs >.<. I think I am going to stop using this NG account for now on. If you would like to listen to some great music, in all different genres, please visit Japanesekanji
, A.K.A my sweet boy friend. Ill update this later. Bye


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2008-03-01 17:56:43

Aww, you're leavin?

Smartkiss responds:

yes i am


2008-03-01 19:01:26

Don't go. Join us. Be..like us...