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Sorry it took so long for my new post, but I have been pretty busy with life. Anyway, I probably wont be creating any more songs because "someone" thinks they get a little too repetitive and I dont have time to sit here and try to put them together. Maybe I will do one last victory song or something during break, if I have the time. Well have a great New Year, andplease view all my friends songs!

Merry Christmas!!!!

2008-12-13 16:26:04 by Smartkiss

Merry Christmas!! I made a demo of my newest song "Summer Skies" and hopefully this isnt like all my others. Positive feedback please?!?! Anyway, hope you all have been having a good year, I know I have!

*Edit* Please view "Midnight Crimes" and "The Goodbyes"


2008-10-21 22:14:57 by Smartkiss

Haha thats right for the first time in like a million years I am back! Update on my life: Started HS this fall, GOOOO BULLPUPS!!! And I have a new awesomely amazing best friend Laura. Homecoming for me is this month on the 25th, so I cant wait! Once again im cursed with having a broken laptop (stupid, I know). Anyway, since I am deprived from making music, I will resort to SINGING! No I wont load it up on here..I would be to freaked out to see all negative comments. Till then...



2008-05-10 22:38:41 by Smartkiss

I BOUGHT A NEW COMPUTER BRICK ON TUESDAY AND I GOT IT IN THE MAIL TODAY!!! I just made a remix of "Smart Mix" like I promised, and I am positive that it is great. I cant wait to see all of your comments on it, and hopefully it gets a good review. Recently I have been trying to finish school, since graduation is on the 10th of June, and I have also gotten a new job! My neighbor Christie has hired me as her babysitter, and every so often I babysit for her. On the 17th my sister and I will be fully trained (CPR wise) to become a babysitter. Oh and tomorrow (Mothers Day) I might get a brand new phone!!! Check out Japanesekanji for some new music, and also Iplaygames for some great music!!!
EDIT!!!: I AM SO SORRY!! I meant remix of "Shadow Day"!!!!

So Apparently

2008-03-17 23:16:27 by Smartkiss

My parents dont think im "responsible" enough to get my computer back when ive waited like weeks for it. Well im sure they are just pushing my buttons, ill get it back soon, and I CANT WAIT. I am so eager to get a fresh start on songs. I will make sure I get it back ASAP. In the meantime, check out Japanesekanji,
or Iplaygames
sites for some awesome songs. Yes Ben I did finally mention your name. Well anyway TTFN!!!

(Ta Ta For Now)

Time sure does fly by..

2008-03-01 17:53:05 by Smartkiss

Been at my school for almost 4 weeks! Wow!! My birthday is on Sunday (I CANT WAIT) and I am going to have a party with all my girl friends. Well enough about my boring life. I'm almost certain I wont get my laptop back which means no more songs >.<. I think I am going to stop using this NG account for now on. If you would like to listen to some great music, in all different genres, please visit Japanesekanji
, A.K.A my sweet boy friend. Ill update this later. Bye

Well, the laptop is fixed but it needs a new cord..At this rate I wont get it until around my birthday in March..Anyway, my Valentines Day sucked, this whole weekend has sucked, and I really wish I had school tomorrow.

I will put up a new song the second I get my laptop completely fixed. In the meantime, I have a few ideas. I'm going to expand "Shadow Day" into a complete remix!! It will be about 3-4 minutes long, and it wont be repetitive. If you have any ideas how I should expand it, send me a message!!

Oh and by the way, visit Japanesekanji for some new music you have never heard before!!

Thanks, Smartkiss

Problems and Solutions..

2008-01-31 20:00:14 by Smartkiss

Problems and Solutions..

Problem 1: My laptop has been broken for the past week, so that is the reason why I haven't been making any new songs, and I just dont feel like downloading MMM onto another computer. Anyway, i should get my laptop fixed within the next few weeks. Keep rating my songs and dont forget to check back every once in a while!
Solution: Please go to Japanesekanjis site to view new and productive songs. These are sure to boost your mood!

Problem 2: My other computers cannot handle MMM for some very interesting reason, and my dad wont let me put it on his computer, which is also the computer I have been using.
Solution: None at the moment.

Thank you all for reviewing my current songs, I promise I'll be back ASAP with a new and exciting song!!

I guess there was a white light after all =)

2008-01-14 23:37:47 by Smartkiss

Hey guys it seems that my luck has TURNED around!! Thats exciting, because now I am going to make even MORE songs!! I think for my next songs I will try R&B and Hiphop!! I hope all the people that listen to my songs will enjoy these as much as I will! There is one person I would like to point out that has guided me through all of this, and I know that he has some great songs. If you arent familiar with him, his name is Japanesekanji, and he is also my bf. If you are new and you would like to view some of my new songs, here are the links: Incredible Schemes and (Smart) Mix. Thank you for all the votes and downloads, it truly means a lot to me.


Sorry guys..

2008-01-12 02:22:30 by Smartkiss

I have recently unleashed my ever so productive song (Smart) Mix, and Incredible Schemes. I have noticed my newest song, Incredible Schemes, isnt doing very well in ratings. I just thought I would make an announcement, claiming that I will not be making a new song anytime soon. I have also realized I need more practice, so I will come up with demos for all to hear, until I can come up with another song longer than a minute.

In other news, I would like to thank Japanesekanji for his reviews to these songs, and guiding me along the way.Japanesekanji- is my bf. Well I believe that is all for now, till then.